The right chair for you!

Finding the right chair is not easy. In addition to personal preferences and the environment in which it is to be integrated, it depends on many other factors. Is it intended to be used as a small accent chair when you have visitors? Or as a comfortably upholstered reading chair in which you can take a nap? Are you looking for fabric or leather? Should the chair be able to swivel or even recline?

High-quality fabrics, soft upholstery and a pleasing appearance: these are the main characteristics of a Vitra lounge chair. Designed for ultimate comfort, combining natural materials and fine leathers with craftsmanship, our lounge chairs are perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

Their classic-modern look, functional design and high quality materials ensure that Vitra lounge chairs will become lifelong companions that can be passed on to future generations. Vitra's greatest contribution to sustainability is the longevity of its products. To extend their use, the latest additions to the portfolio, such as the HAL Lounge Chair and the updated Repos/Grand Repos are now equipped with removable fabric or leather upholstery.

Configure your Lounge chair & ottoman and receive a gift! *

Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Grand Relax & Ottoman, Grand Repos/Repos & Ottoman/Panchina. Gift to choose from the following selection: Solvay Stool (natural or dark oak), Cork Family any model), Wooden Side Table (small).

Configure your Hal Lounge Chair and receive the ottoman as a gift! *

*Offer valid from December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023