La Malle Trousseau

Chicken Roaster - LA MALLE TROUSSEAU

An unusual little known object of the 19th century, revisited by Mw.T. A kind of spindle, which allows cooking the fowl in the oven, vertically, with a simple cooking mode: all you have to do is to sit the animal on the conical spindle and to place the vegetables, which accompany it in the plate. Since the spindle is hollow, the inside flesh will be soft.  Outside, the skin basted continuously by the gravy, which flows, will be crispy. The vegetables are candied in the gravy.  Suitable for the standards stoves (and more).

Material description :

Natural Enamel Standstone

Sizes : 

Dia. 28 x h. 17,50 cm

Delivery time : 

2-4 days 

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