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Jewellery Bracelet Sel & Poivre Or - LA MOLLLA

Authentic, Made in Italy and France, our bijoux are crafted with an hight level of production, in Turin and Paris.
They are born from rigorous industrial design.
With proper care, they should last forever.
Each bracelet is made up of original top quality springs in pure stainless steel.

The SEL & POIVRE OR bracelet is an evolution of the 97 Bracelet: it is a story of friendship and love that lasts indefinitely through space and time but with a splash of color.
Its twenty gold-colored wires harmoniously pair with its sixty pure stainless steel wires.
They can be worn all together, separately, or divided and given to loved ones, friends, and like-minded souls: a gesture that becomes a precious token of friendship, a deep bond between people, a thread that unites elective affinities.

Set composed by 20 gold coated and 60 steel springs.

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