La Malle Trousseau


A knife specially created for the Malle w. Trousseau.

Unique piece of character, like the Corsica from which it originates.

Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi, a craftsman close to wild nature, makes his knives with handles inspired by the curve of goat horns.

You will particularly appreciate it for its efficient cutting edge and for its bluish blade whose appearance changes over time.

For lovers of sausages, pâtés and other cheeses... It is also very useful for cutting pumpkins and other pumpkins.

Material description :

In the course of time, this steel will oxidise and take on a greyish patina. Its advantage is that it can be easily sharpened, which is important when choosing a day-to-day knife. Be careful: it is more demanding to maintain carbon steels than stainless steels.

It is compulsory to clean the blade after using it. It can be cleaned under water but it needs to be dried immediately after, and put away from humidity. If you do not use your knife frequently, remember to oil the blade before putting the knife in a dry place.

The walnut wood that the Ceccaldi company uses is dry and healthy. It has a brown, moderately intense colour, with dark brown to black veins. It will form a patina over time. To maintain walnut wood, it is crucial not to plunge the handle into water. It is also necessary to oil the handle, once or twice a year, with camellia or olive oil for instance.

Delivery time : 

2-4 days 

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