Emma Firescreen Black - ELDVARM

Eldvarm is an interior design company born around the fireplace, firmly rooted in Scandinavian tradition and culture.We love the fire — and all the warm, inspiring emotions associated with relaxing and socializing in the comfort of our homes.  

 Elegance and utility go hand in hand with this classic fireplace screen. The freestanding fire guard is unobtrusive yet attractively designed. The small Classique screen is made from dark warm grey powder-coated steel, with details in solid brass. It is also available in a larger option.

 Material Description : 

Our screen is perfect for keeping in jumping sparks and hot embers, so you can enjoy the charm of your open fire without any of the drawbacks. A fireplace isn’t always lit, so we designed a screen that was beautiful, with or without a fire flickering behind it. The screen is available in two sizes.

Dimensions : 

Small screen: 71 x 7 x 52 cm
Large screen: 95 x 11 x 65 cm

Delivery time :
on stock 2 - 4 days

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