Isabelle Baines


After years, decades, devoted to creating beautiful – and durable! – luxury knitwear for the so-many appreciative customers welcomed to her stores in Brussels, Isabelle Baines ‘closed up shop’. Winding down her boutique and atelier, she found herself left with kilos and kilos of top-quality Italian merino wool in a vast array of alluring colors. What to do?

Well, once bitten by the knitting bug – which goes back to her childhood years – the urge to scratch never ceases. Last year she decided to return to the needle, hand-knitting and crocheting a collection of knitted-hats/bonnets in her own inimitable way, as always the watchwords being comfort, understated style and attention to detail.

This limited-edition garment is entirely handcrafted in our own atelier in Brussels. Made using only the finest quality Italian merino wool, personally hand sewn and finished.

Material description :

Sizes : 
Medium (54-56 cm)

Delivery time : 

2-4 days 

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