Limbus Eye - LUMINA

Limbus Eye is a free-standing lamp that was created in response to a request from our dealers to display the glass diffuser body of Limbus.‎
This request led to the creation of an internally turned ring on which Limbus can be placed with the possibility of directing the light beam by rotating the lamp through 360°.‎
The aesthetic impact is that of a small diamond that creates atmosphere in the room both when the lamp is on and when it is off.‎

Material description :
Limbus Eye is now being presented with completely renewed glass parts, in fact the glass has been replaced with Bohemia crystal diffusers

The base is offered in the following finishes: natural aluminium with a transparent varnish that echoes the internal structure and ring nut of Limbus, sapphire blue, matt black, metallic bronze, brass and the special edition "black marble" finish with white veining.‎

The lamp is available in two colour temperatures: 2700K 

Sizes : 
dia: 12 cm

Delivery time : 

2-4 days in brass finishing 

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