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A play of light with golden paper: the nuunu floor lamp is a filigree and poetic design object that reflects the poetry of a golden autumn. The nuunu by designer Flavia Thumshirn, who has been part of the design team for 20 years, produces warm light thanks to light and reflection with three gold papers, each attached to almost two-metre-high rods made of stainless steel. The filigree rods are centred on a square base of blued steel, on which three inset glass spheres lie at a defined distance. The glass spheres of the nuunu are made of high-quality crystal glass without inclusions and are illuminated from below in such a way that the glass spheres not only appear to glow, but they also illuminate the golden paper from below. When switched on, the luminaire creates a beautiful shadow play on the ceiling that varies with the brightness setting. The nuunu has a "dim to warm" function, i.e. the LEDs become warmer by dimming the brightness. Even when switched off, the nuunu becomes a design object and thus part of the interior design that reflects the ambient light on the English papers. The golden leaves can be turned and adjusted at will, changing the play of light and shadow. The gold leaf coating gives the paper, which is approx. 20 cm in diameter, the appearance of autumn leaves on a branch. The rods, which are not rigid but can swing slightly and which taper towards the top according to an organic design, are said to be reminiscent of reeds. With the nuunu, Flavia Thumshirn creates a floor lamp as if from nature.

Material description:
Steel, glass, paper, aluminium 
Light source: LED 3x 6 W, 1881 lm (nom.), dim-to-warm, 1800-3000K, CRI>90. EEC F (A-G). The light sources cannot be replaced by the user, but can be replaced by specialists.
Technical data: Plug-in power supply 100-240 Volt, secondary 24Vdc, dimmable with foot switch on the cable

32 x 32 x H. 185 cm

Delivery time : 

2-4 days 

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