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Original Ptolomeo - OPINION CIATTI

Original Ptolomeo is the free-standing bookcase that doesn’t require any further presentation: it is essential, revolutionary, innovative, as sudden as an intuition and as surprising as its success.

Original Ptolomeo is a container that hides its shape to enhance its content, eliminating the “superfluous” to highlight the essential, namely the books. The bookcase is a steel column to which thin shelves, also in steel, are attached. The shelves gradually disappear as the column is filled with books. When it is full, Original Ptolomeo becomes totally imperceptible and it appears as if the books are standing up on their own.

Designed by Bruno Rainaldi, winner of the 2004 Compasso d’Oro, Original Ptolomeo stems from observation rather than from a formal process and translates an idea that is as simple as it is ingenious: turning a pile of books into a design object. A bookcase that is as “banal” as it is bold, so as to become a contemporary icon, a harmonious piece of art. Like all pieces of art, it is autographed on its base with the designer’s signature.

Material description: 
Stainless Steel with black finishing

35 x 35 x H. 160 cm
35 35 x H. 215 cm

Delivery time : 

2-4 days 

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