Martinelli Luce

Pipistrello Lamp Small Brass Satin - MARTINELLI LUCE

A flight above time

Soaring becomes an icon

Wings outstretched, caught in the instant just prior to their complete opening.

In this impetus crystallized in time is enclosed the entire emotional, stylistic and value-driven nature of this design icon.

A lamp that, through its diffuser and the sinuous and curvy telescopic base epitomizes discontinuity, modernity, humor and grace, elegance and dynamism.

It is precisely thanks to the courage of having proposed these different aspetcs, even if conflicting, that Pipistrello stands the test of time with a unique charm.

Material Description : 

Mini version of the PIPISTRELLO lamp designed by Gae Aulenti in 1965. Table lamp diffused lighting. Glazed stainless steel telescope, white opal methacrylate diffuser. Structure and knob in painted aluminum. LED light source integrated, dimmable. Electronic driver on the plug.

Each Pipistrello Mini has a fixed telescope; it cannot be extended. The shape is retained, but not the mechanical movement.

Size : 
Small - H. 35 cm 

Delivery Time : 

1 week 

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