Teixidors create unique, unrepeatable products made with highest quality materials that always follow an entirely manual process. Teixidors drinks from the fountain of artisan work, tools, processes and attitude. We use classic wool looms, we thread the best raw materials (merino wool, cashmere, linen,...) and we follow a strictly manual process. This is the core of our work, a recipe that combines tradition with a vision of the future. Handmade in Barcelona 

Material Description : 

* Jazz = 100% cashmere 

* Nomad = 50% sustainable hand-combed baby yak wool / 50% ecological Merino wool from France (the coloring used is not 100% ecological) 

* Nebula = 50% sustainable cashmere / 45% ecological Merino wool from France / 5% sustainable hand-combed baby yak 

* Hydra = 60% Merino wool / 40% silk 

Dimensions : 

140 x 180 cm 

Delivery time : 

on stock 2 - 4 days 

*products displayed on the website may be subject to stock availability