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Turning Tray was designed in 1956 by Finn Juhl, bearing his trademark curved teak frame and precise corner joints. Made without handle bars, the tray’s curvature allows space to pick it up. Designed as dual-sided, the Turning Tray boasts two glossy laminate sides held together by carefully crafted corner joints.
These handmade trays are exactly to Finn Juhl’s specifications, with curves, colors and discreet details that all reveal his fantastic sense for design.

Material description :

Teak wood and Laminate, Black and White / Red / Green / Blue
Colours - Black/White, Black/Red, Black/Green, Black/Blue

Sizes : 
Small - 45 x 23 cm
Medium - 48 x 30 cm
Large - 51 x 38 cm

Delivery time : 

2-4 days 

*products displayed on the website may be subject to stock availability