Willow paper yarn carpet was designed by the Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, the carpet saw the light of day originally at Helsinki Design Week 2002. Year 2022 the carpet has gone through product development process in which its final touch was found from natural dye. The irregular striping is dyed using willow bark. Made of paper yarn, the carpet combines gentle tones of willow brown colour and the neutral base color. The collection includes also black-natural colour combination that is characteristic of Woodnotes. In the Willow carpet, a 240 cm pattern report that starts from the beginning when the carpet exceeds 240 cm in length. What is special and important to us is that the willow natural dye is produced locally: The willow is grown and collected, made into a dye and it has given its colour to the paper yarn in Finland. Using willow as natural dye is an old and well-known technique, but the ecological dyeing is continuously developing to meet the needs and standards of the modern world, so that hopefully one day natural dyes could replace synthetic ones. For Woodnotes the use of willow dye is especially inherent, since the material of the carpet itself is spun from wood. The rugs are woven from plant fibers and do not contain any animal-derived finishing materials, so the rugs are 100% vegan.

Material description :
Paper Yarn

Sizes : 
200 x 300 cm 

Delivery time : 

2-4 days in this finishing. 

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