Japanese handcrafted furniture with timeless design — RITZWELL NOVELTIES

Japanese handcrafted furniture with timeless design — RITZWELL NOVELTIES

Since its inception, Ritzwell has maintained its originality. The Japanese brand takes pride in the beauty and practicality of its furniture.

Since its inception in 1992, Ritzwell has continued to create high-quality furniture, made from excellent materials and with superior craftsmanship.

Japanese furniture brand

Ritzwell is a Japanese furniture brand that is involved in the entire process. From design to manufacturing, everything takes place exclusively in Japan.

Design that stands the test of time

Ritzwell furniture stands for beautiful design and comfort and is resistant to ageing. The warm and peaceful atmosphere it creates radiates into everyday life.

Japanese handcrafted furniture with timeless design

The brand creates timeless design objects with which the designer and owner develop a strong sense of attachment. This is why the craftsmanship of this brand is made with refined and sophisticated materials.

The new Ritzwell collection - new products in 2021

Exclusive Leewise sofa, MO bench, MT table, and MO table.

In 2021, Ritzwell is adding additions to the existing lines, absolute novelties. The combination of Japanese culture and sensibility with minimalist design of international taste is once again present.

A modular sofa completes the range, characterised by very low seats that invite you to sit in the Japanese style. This is the exclusive Leewise Sofa.

The MO bridge benches in wooden structure are available in 2 shapes, elongated or square. The MO bridge benches are available in two shapes, elongated or square, and have the same lines and finishes as the existing MO collection.

The MO table line has also been extended with the introduction of the dining table for private dining rooms or meeting spaces. The MT table adds an example of elegance and refinement to the collection with its wide solid wood top and slim metal legs.

The Ritzwell 2021 collection offers new possibilities for creating warm and welcoming environments.

Ritzwell in Brussels at Ligne

In Brussels, you can only find Ritzwell at Ligne. Visit our showroom in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert to discover some of the furniture from the new Ritzwell collection. A selection of Ritzwell furniture is also available at the webshop here.

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